! : Changed

+ : Added

* : Fixed

- : Removed

Version (Updated Date :10.04.2018)

* With the mouse, the selection frame was closed after clicking, Fixed.
+ Added SPACE and ENTER key to execute command again after command name.
* Objects have been rendered in multiple selections of grip points. (If you click on the Shift key while clicking on the objects, the selection becomes multiple.) If you want to be selected every time you click , uncheck "Use shift on selection" in the Options -> Selection pane.
* Fixed mistakes in keeping grip points.
* Page1 to Page2, page scale disappeared, fixed.
* When Lineweight, Color and LineType properties in the ribbon menu were changed, the selected lines were not changed.
* Osnap feature was not working on newly drawn lines when drawing line, fixed.
* Fixed the problem of distance entry from the command line in the offset command. In other commands, the value entries were re-viewed from the command line.
+ POLYGON did not open the dialog form when entered from the command line, it was added.
* When the selected objects are deleted, the grips remain on the screen. Fixed.
+ Added "Add new type ..." line in the drop-down list for line type extraction.
* Fixed problem with selection in rotate command. Rotation angle added to the screen.


Version (Updated on 29.09.2017)
* Collective selection was updated.
* The slowness of the selection was removed and improved performance.
* Calculation of the symbol frame was updated.

Version (Updated on 09.09.2017)
! Single instance application restriction has been removed.
+ Blank writing is disabled.
* The error message is corrected If there is not any printer installed.
* Fixed problem copying and pasting attributes in clipboard operations.
* Updated enable / disable features in menus after copying in clipboard operations.
+ The news on the program login screen is displayed according to your language preferences.

13.08.2017 -
* When opening Dxf file, error message caused by Turkish font has been fixed.

11.08.2017 - * The message that was occured by the change in the measurement settings was removed.

11.08.2017 -
* Fixed the problem that the angled symbols do not appear on the screen