! : Changed

+ : Added

* : Fixed

- : Removed

Version (Updated on 29.09.2017)
* Collective selection was updated.
* The slowness of the selection was removed and improved performance.
* Calculation of the symbol frame was updated.

Version (Updated on 09.09.2017)
! Single instance application restriction has been removed.
+ Blank writing is disabled.
* The error message is corrected If there is not any printer installed.
* Fixed problem copying and pasting attributes in clipboard operations.
* Updated enable / disable features in menus after copying in clipboard operations.
+ The news on the program login screen is displayed according to your language preferences.

13.08.2017 -
* When opening Dxf file, error message caused by Turkish font has been fixed.

11.08.2017 - * The message that was occured by the change in the measurement settings was removed.

11.08.2017 -
* Fixed the problem that the angled symbols do not appear on the screen