SETCAD 2019 Drawing Program is ready to use (09.01.2019)

SETCAD is a new 2D CAD software. With SETCAD you can create technical drawings for buildings, interiors, mechanical parts, schema or diagrams. SETCAD works on Windows and is created in the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET platform using the latest programming techniques.

SetCAD's current version (Updated on 10.01.2019)

Setcad interfaceSetcad interface is designed as modular and extensible. Although the space on the computer is quite low, but it has strong stability. With SETCAD you don't need any CAD experience to get started right away. Because of the similarity of the interface to the known drawing programs, users can easily adapt without any additional training. You can download and try SETCAD for free! Try for free download!

Key Features

  • Layered structure,
  • Multi-page like Excel,
  • Adding static maps (Google, Yandex, Openstreet, Bing),
  • Blocks,
  • SingleLine font,
  • Windows TrueType font,
  • Metric measure,
  • DXF read and write,
  • DWG read and write (3rd party with free plugin),
  • Print,
  • Basic editing tools,
  • All basic drawing tools: Line, dot, arc, circle, ellipse, curve, multiple line, font, dimensioning, hatch, images ...)
  • Measuring tools (length, angle, area),
  • and many more features.

 Video for v.3: